Householder’s Comprehensive Insurance

Protect your home with all its valuables for unbelievably low prices!

Green Vally Insurance compensates for any loss or damage to the interests insured caused as a result of fire, theft, burglary and all damages that occur to the house contents and precious valuables.

Home Insurance need not be expensive. With our Home Insurance solutions, all your belongings can be protected against fire, theft and natural disasters irrespective of whether it is owned or rented!.


Accidental damages due to fire and lightning, breakages to fixed glass, sanitary ware, accidents to domestic helpers are a few to name from a long list of comprehensive covers that can be availed through your home Insurance policy.

Covers such as riot, strike and malicious damage, loss of rent (if you had rented your apartment unforeseen accidents can cause loss of income during the period of repair – your Home Insurance policy has a facility to protect this income up to a pre specified limit and period) can also be obtained for additional payment.

The Home Insurance policy provides the flexibility of taking Comprehensive Insurance for the contents (high value electrical items, fittings, paintings, your Rolex etc) of your home without insuring the building. This makes it very convenient to most of us who live in rented apartments in Dubai.