Our Vision

  •  To be the fastest growing company in Dubai and to expand geographically
  •  To be the company of choice for personal and commercial insurance products and services
  •  To be the fastest and the simplest in delivering our services and the most advanced in using technology
  •  To be the company of choice for employment

Our Mission

  •  To provide our clients with the most competitive products in terms of benefits, values and services
  •  To provide our distribution channels with state of the art services
  •  To invest on developing our staff and to be a school of insurance and management

Our Shared Values

  Achievement We believe in being sales-driven and in achieving:

  • Our sales target
  • Values for our clients and shareholders

  Innovation We believe in differentiating ourselves with innovative:

  • Products & Services
  • Distribution Channels
  • Technology

People Development We believe in our people to exhibit:

  •  Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills